Friday, 12 October 2012

The 30 day challenge - Day 12 - Psychology Inspiration

Carl Rogers
After discussing a bit more about what I do and my inspiration in the last few days, I should leave a video of one of the most inspiring Psychologists who has impacted both my life and my Psychological philosophy, Carl Rogers. If you know anything about the Humanistic approach to therapy, this man is one, if not the, leading lights. His work is equally applicable in both mainstream and sport psychology. He puts care for the person (athlete in my case) at the core of what he does and believed that the counsellors role was to help the client to realise their potential (As Maslow also espouses in his 'hierarchy of needs' for self-actualisation). Thus, to help resolve any psychological issues with a person, the answer is contained within, and the role of the counsellor is to collaborate to help the individual eventually succeed on their own two feet.

When I lose my inspiration sometimes, it is Rogers to whom I come back to in order to find another gem of guidance to help myself. Hope you also enjoy!

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